Friday, July 4, 2008

Cashblasterpro Is New Scam New Scam


I am receiving huge volumes of spam from and from various other urls that forward to the above domain.

The site is hosted by which is owned and operated by

Essentially this scam is hooking people in with false claims that they are going to give away 1 million dollars to free members and that at the click of a button every website on the internet will become upgraded to Web 2.0 (try not to laugh too hard here but many people are apparently falling for the myriad of false claims and hype on this site).


Further, when we launch on July 1st, we will officially open the doors on our exciting multi-tiered affiliate program where you will be able to earn a fortune with our very lucrative business. All product sales and advertising revenues that are generated through our massive user-base will be shared with our affiliates! This can generate a huge ongoing income due to the enormous growth potential of our membership with the Free Web 2.0 Upgrade!

Of course all of the false claims are to hook you into this where you will have to sell something to get paid.

Beware of this scam in the making!


I also follow and in the reality I get taken with sweet promise of them


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